Equipment review – Roccbox: Portable Stone Bake Pizza Oven

This is a game changing new piece of equipment for us here at Dinner Well Done!  This dual fuel, portable, stone bake pizza oven has been a revelation for us and has opened up all new avenues of cooking with its high heat. Before we talk about all the great things we’ve done with the Roccbox let’s talk a little bit about how it works.

Stone floor – The stone floor is the workhorse of the Roccbox and one of the things that really sets it apart from other portable pizza ovens.  The stone floor holds heat really well and does a great job creating a nice leopard spotting on the underside of Neapolitan pizzas.  Because of its heat retention it allows you to quickly cycle pizzas through the oven without losing the heat from the base that is so critical to getting the proper texture in your crust.

Dual fuel – This is the aspect of the Roccbox that takes it from a novelty tool to something that can be used everyday.  The Roccbox is able to use either wood or propane to fuel the oven giving you the flexibility to choose which is best for you.  In our experience the gas option is best for things that will cook quickly (i.e., things that won’t pick up flavour from the wood smoke) like pizzas.  Gas is also extremely convenient and requires almost no tending by the cook.  The wood burner on the other hand is more of a labor of love and requires a lot more attention from the cook, however for certain things it is well worth it.  We can personally speak for the beauty of a wood fired steak from the Roccbox with chimichurri sauce, it was absolutely amazing!

Here is a video of the gas burner in action:

Portable – The Roccbox weighs in at 44 pounds and can be easily transported from your home to a cottage or favourite picnic spot.  The team at Roccbox even thought to include a very helpful carrying strap that allows you to easily lift and move the oven.  One watchout here though is that if will take about an hour for the oven to cool down to transportable temperatures after use so plan accordingly!

Super hot – This is what makes the Roccbox so amazing!  It can reach tempuratures upwards of 950F which allows you to cook things that a conventional oven or BBQ quite simply cannot do.  From true Neapolitan style pizzas to super crispy skin fish that is still moist and delicious inside.  To put it simply this oven allows us to make things that we would have needed a multi-thousand dollar wood burning oven for before for around $625 USD ($800 CAD).

Food we’ve cooked – so far with the Roccbox we’ve cooked a wide selection of recipes and have loved everyone of them. Here is a list of what we’ve done so far (look for recipes on Dinner Well Done for all of these soon)

Gas burner – Pizza (Neapolitan), salmon, roasted brussel sprouts, roasted cauliflower, steak

Wood fired – Steak, jerk chicken, lamb chops, roasted cauliflower, smores

Recommendation – If you are able to purchase a Roccbox we highly recommend it.  It has been a pleasure to work with and a real treat to have a wood fired oven at our disposal whenever and wherever we want it!

For more info visit Roccbox.


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